I am a postdoctoral investigator in the Mahadevan Group at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution. My work is motivated by the question of how ocean circulation and turbulence affect Earth’s climate – a big question that leads to broad interests. My current research centers on intraseasonal oscillations of the Indian monsoon over the Bay of Bengal.

My PhD work was in string theory. My thesis on M-theory/heterotic duality was advised by Professor David Morrison, and I was a member of the Simons Collaboration on Special Holonomy in Geometry, Analysis, and Physics. I was previously a National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellow, and before that I completed my BSc in physics and mathematics at Stanford University.

For more information on my current and past research, head to my research page. For a copy of my CV, click here.


6/8/21: My paper with Bobby Acharya and David R. Morrison on heterotic duals of M-theory on $G_2$ orbifolds is now available as a preprint on arXiv. Click here to view.